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After trying to contact Mark at YES LTD on many occasions and being told that he’s out of the office, or with other clients I decided to E-mail in instead now I didn’t hold much hope for this method of communication either as past E-mails had gone unanswered also.

Here’s the E-mail:

Mark, got fed up of trying the phone from last month, so thought I would E-mail instead.

The machine is still producing absolute rubbish, after we last spoke I tried your suggestions and still the same, so I turned the machine off for good and closed our website, we’re now looking at other solutions that work.

I no longer want the machines, it’s not what your company proclaim it to be, and I’ve lost my patience in trying your suggestions, we both know it’s been a bad run from start to finish, even before I purchased we had problems, but I believed in your sales words as they were rather convincing at the time.

I’ve lost more money through returns and faulty goods due to bad prints, it works fine on the smaller prints you know the graphics using less ink, but when we use our larger graphics it just doesn’t seem to like them.

Either arrange a refund (as you originally promised before purchase if the problem persisted, which it has) or a buyer, and I won’t make these issues public this time and I won’t publish photo’s of the products, even those one’s originally made by your team.

Kind Regards
Helen Sellars

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