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You know this government is nothing but a bunch of legalised thief’s, I for one won’t be voting for Mr Brown don’t trust him and don’t like him, I though David Cameron was rather gutsy though with his scriptless speech, but there’s just something about his used car salesman look I don’t like.

Right I’m going off down another path here, so let me just drag my legs back and we’ll talk about recycling and what the government do.


Car Tax – upto £300+ a year

Council Tax – can’t remember exact fee but it’s some hundreds

Income Tax – Varies on your wage

VAT – when you buy things also known as Value Added Tax and charged at 17.5% with some exceptions like children’s clothes which are currently VAT FREE, I believe utilities are charged at 5%

Now if we charge an ugly tax we could get our money back from Mr Brown, should I call him Prime minister or just dick spit for short.?

So what do we pay council tax for, the bins by any chance?

Yeah I know it goes to emergency services and various other things, but were does the rest of our money go? All that tax?

Well if the politicians would take a pay cut, perhaps we wouldn’t have to pay so much.

With all this money they rob from us, I don’t really see any benefit to our lives, our economy except for the emergency services, all I see is more large companies buying land, knocking down trees, they call it development, how can you call it development when you killing something, when your destroying apart of our natural heritage, oh I forgot the councils and government don’t care as long as you throw some money at them, there like whores for money.

Now they want to charge us for using more bin bags, well they should be doing more to help us, when they recycle they make money from it too, we don’t all live close to recycle centers, we don’t all have time to go either.

Fly tipping is illegal, yet the government are pushing more people towards doing it, a lot of us struggle financially now as it is, without some little pompous idiot robbing us of our hard earned cash.

Rather than charging us, making yourself some more money to rage war in other countries, why not look after your own people for a change and stop ripping us off.

Charity starts at home, now I’m all for helping other countries and perhaps even sending them a little cash from time to time, but come one guys and girls, lets get our own country in order first before you give our money away to others over seas.

I wonder what would happen if our whole nation just stood up one day and shouted sickies for all, yeah everyone on the sick for a few days, taking the governments statutory sick pay, we’d get some of our money back, not much but enough to piss on your fires, it may even ruin the economy but if that’s what it takes to make you power hungry money mad people to listen and start looking after your own, then so be it.

We could all grow our own food, and make our own, stop buying off the shelves, no VAT it would also cut down the need to recycle as waste would be food which could be fed back to the earth, giving back the goodness we take without plastic, and all the other crap, plus we wouldn’t be filled with additives, sugar and all the other junk piled into food sold now.

Oh man I wondered off again to the darker regions were I start to fantasise about how good it would feel to take justice on the people that screw us over in our own country.

So back on topic again, help us to recycle.

Food waste could be dug back into the soil in your garden (if you have a garden), for those built up area’s the councils and government should provide food waste disposal services, so that we can see our food waste going back into the earth.

The green boxes we have for plastic, tins and glass just ain’t big enough, I don’t know how bigger families living under one roof manage.

The green wheel bins for cardboard we have is adequate.

but some weeks you just have more rubbish, you might have guests, or here’s a brainstorm for the government, the supermarkets could use more packaging on some products.

So here’s the deal help us, stop giving subsidies to companies like ASDA (Walmarts) to come into our towns and ruin small businesses, ruin the land, produce more crap.

Penalise companies for using excessive amounts of packaging and prevent those being fined from passing on the costs to consumers.

For large supermarkets, to also have on-site recycling centers, open all hours of the day as their shops are, so when people go shopping they could also recycle at the same time too. <———— AWARD WINNING IDEA – Do it numb nuts.

Rather than penalising us, penalise the source instead, and prevent them from passing on the costs to us.

Here’s another brain storm, get Mr brown to ride a push bike, he’d save fuel that he could give us back, he wouldn’t pollute as much, might also help the lazy twonk get fit too.

And for my final words to the UK public, stop voting for Labour they are not for the working people any more, stop voting for conservatives, they both screw us over and both screw the country, vote for some other party, lets make it a competition and see just how bad they can ruin the country too, surely one of the other parties can’t be as bad as these two?

Gordon Brown

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Some Quotes from the Daily Mail:

Homes will be given just one free sack every week and must pay 28p for each additional bag – at least three times as much as an ordinary black bag from a supermarket.

That would leave a typical family producing four bags of rubbish a week paying £40 a year to their local authority on top of council tax.

Last week, one London borough introduced £100 on-the-spot fines for those who do not recycle enough and revealed that bin bag inspectors would be routinely be rummaging through dustbins to find offenders.

Another half a dozen councils have introduced ‘compulsory recycling’ and are threatening residents with fines up to £1,000.

“We already pay £138 a month in council tax and this looks like more tax by the back door. It is going to cost me and my family £50 or £60 extra a year. They have just found another way to tax us.”s

Quotes Taken From:

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  1. recycle for cash

    Towns and cities across the country have adopted innovative programs that reward citizens for recycling. In Everett, Mass., residents have been offered financial rewards for recycling, and the average household now recycles 10 times more