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Merry Shitmas!

It’sssss Christmas!

But that’s no excuse to subject your customers to a dark and shady looking car park covered in trash. It’s not all B&M’s fault, Iceland, Wren, and McDonalds (Thorn Retail Park – Doncaster) also share the same car park.

Companies should have a responsibility to look after the environment around them, I don’t want to be walking in someone elses landfill site, it felt like this was. Certainly not a very christmassy environment. Ho ho ho!

The whole car park was underlit, and just teeming with rubbish everywhere. The bin in this photo clearly hadn’t been emptied in some time, and the rest of the area was much the same. These photo’s just don’t do the mess justice.

My daughter (only two) kept trying to pick the rubbish up as we walked along.

Ohhh well. :-/

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