I’m Tim, Married to Helen and father of three incredibly beautiful princesses whom are also known as monkeys, rascals, pains in the posterior and the loves of my life who I’d move heaven and hell for! I’m also the head of sales and support over at Incsub, LLC for WPMU DEV.

Oh, and I’m an absolutely terrible and extremely inconsistent blogger, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

RIP Fluffy :(

This morning our cat, Fluffy ran down the stairs his usual cheeky self. We let him out like usual and then went to do some shopping.

When we got back we had a little treat for him, opened the window and shouted his name. No sign, I looked out through the window to find him laying silently underneath with a dead rat just a few inches away. Sadly he had passed away, not sure why, or if it had anything to do with the rat. 🙁

Erin still keeps saying Fluffy, bless, she’s too young to fully understand I think.

You’ll be sadly missed Fluffy! :’-(

Photo of fluffy, our cat playing in a box.

You’ll be missed Fluffy

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