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USC Going Out Of Business?

Nahh, they’re not but they should be with their shady business practices.

A week or two back I purchased a £35 leather wallet, got home and realised that the leather had a hole in. It was where the security pin went.

Who puts a pin through leather, really?

Anyway, I took it back and as a tangible item I expect either:

  1. A replacement that is in perfect condition.
  2. A Full refund.

Either is fine, and both are my statutorily rights. You’d think anyway, right?

The sales assistant agreed with me, she could see the fault and was happy to offer a refund however she had to get a managers authentication first. Queue jobsworth, this manager came in and disagreed, in fact she claimed it was part of the stitching and refused me a refund.

She couldn’t offer a satisfactory replacement and so offered me an exchange for something else or a credit note, neither of which I had a need for. I insisted on a refund and refused to accept anything else, but she continued in an arrogant attitude refusing to refund me and she was happy to break the law (OK she never said that as such, but her refusal to obey the law shows clearly shows she believes she’s above the law), all whilst a queue of other customers looked on in disbelief.

I told her to do what she feels she must do, is issued a credit note. Under duress I had no other option but to take it.

At the time I didn’t realise they offered this item online, she could have easily have arranged to get one of their unpunctured stock sent out to me. She obviously isn’t aware of the companies full operation and probably wasn’t suited to be in a customer facing role.

Anywho, I complained to Meadowhall staff (ohh yeah, this was their Meadowhall shop) who agreed to come to the shop to give it another go. In the shop the manager first seemed to hide whilst we dealt with a different one. She then finally appeared and continued to refuse me that refund, I asked for the wallet again so we could get an unbiased opinion from the Meadowhall staff, she refused stating it wasn’t his decision, well I never said it was, I said I wanted an unbiased opinion. She refused and said she was too busy but was happy to stand there arguing the toss for another 10 minutes.

Lost the battle right?

Lets continue this with the company directly I thought, a responsible company would correct their mistakes. So I mailed them and was stunned to get a response that asked me to purchase another wallet then email them the order number and the gift certificate number so that they could refund a purchase.

Sounds dodgy right?

They want another £35 before they can send me the wallet, and then refund one. Why?

Why not take the gift certificate and just send me the wallet. FYI, this is the wallet (stock photos from online USC):

Hilfiger Denim Cody Wallet Hilfiger Denim Cody Wallet Hilfiger Denim Cody Wallet


I think that’s incredibly shady. So, send them a total of £70 when they have a no refund policy, so what next another gift certificate for £70 instead?

USC - Dodgy Email Response


And my frustrated response:

My Frustrated Response To USC

At this point I’d had enough, it’s just too shady. As I said this is a tangible item, not something I can make copies of and continue using once they take it back. It’s leather, and it’s damaged. They made another reply since then trying to justify why they wanted more money first:

USC - No Gift Certs Online


I still don’t get it, so if I purchased it again they can refund one and take the gift certificate. But they can’t just take the gift certificate. Also, it’s now as I write this just £17.50

Sadly I had no other option but to report them to my credit card provider.

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