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Are you old enough enough to eat a Mars Bar?


I had to laugh whilst looking around the net when I found the Mars Bar site, before you can view the site you’re required to pass some age verification to ensure you’re not under 16 years.


Because they’re not easy to fake are they! 😉

Mars Bar - Age Verification screenshot

But what if you’re studying food and are expected to do some research on the nutritional value of a fat stick, erm, sorry, Mars Bar.

Are our kids so obese and lacking control that they can’t be trusted to look an image of a Mars Bar?

What do they think the outcome will be, the fat kid gets a little overexcited when he sees chocolate and then OD or throw a massive heart attack?

So the next step, lets stick photos of clogged up arteries and post autopsied bodies like they do on cigarette packets in the EU. That will really deter the kids, no?

Or we could hide them behind some non-branded boards so they can’t see them, we could ID kids at the counter too. In fact lets just make the whole packaging blank just incase some fat kid, or their adoring parents can’t manage some self control and just say no.

What next, Snickers? (I know, same company)

That’s just a bit nuts really!

Snickers - Get Some Nuts Image

I’m sure they’ve been doing it for a while as part of their responsible advertising, I just think it’s a little crazy. When I was in school I ate a Mars Bar because it was on a shelf and I could grab one, not because some website has some promo material. And these kinds of age verifications don’t work, what’s the point, to give a false perception of a company and their marketing?

Now, where did I pop that chocolate bar…

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