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Oh, and I’m an absolutely terrible and extremely inconsistent blogger, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Leaving Las Vegas And The Epic Road Trip

To start WordCamp Vegas off, I walked from our condo to the venue, it was a nice 50-minute walk with a quick stop off at Starbucks for refreshments. Upon arriving, I was a little confused where to go, I either missed the signage that I’m accustomed to with these kinds of events, or there weren’t any. I see now that the WCLV site stated floor three, obviously I should have checked before setting off that morning.

Selfie in the mirror, anyone, is that vein?

Tim - Selfie in the mirror

I’d hate to be that guy who visits a place with a WordCamp and then every time declares that it was the best ever, but Vegas, wow, I loved WordCamp Vegas.

Innevation Centre

Not intending to do a disservice to other WordCamps, I just found I connected easier here and maybe that’s more to do with me than it is how a WordCamp is run. There could be some lasting friendships here, not just connections with other professionals sharing an interest. Maybe I was inspired by Shayda Torabi’s talk that inspired me, she was encouraging people to just talk, so that might just be the reason.

I felt it was well organised, but just like WCDFW, it lacked a jobs board and there was no contributors day. The sponsors area was intimate rather than being in a large open space. It also served as the food and refreshments room, nicely placed in the centre with the sponsors surrounding you. Perhaps it was this intimacy which helped to promote and foster positive interpersonal relationships.

Starting off the weekend was Ben Fox, his talk was one of my most favourite. Listening to his story made me feel part of his life, it felt genuine and that was the most important part for me. I’d definitely place him up there with Chris Lema, I hope to hear more from him in the future, perhaps WordCamp Europe #WCEU. Here’s a photo of Ben and me.

Ben Fox and Tim Bowers

GoDaddy once again outdid themselves on the swag, last time I had a mini drone, this time I got a juice box. It’s a USB power pack to recharge your devices, it’s cleverly packaged as a juice carton. I also managed to grab a 4-way adaptor which is pretty handy for my US trips. 🙂

GoDaddy Swag - Las Vegas WordCamp

Amazing, right!

So, I suppose I should share some photos, right?

A huge shout out to the organisers, they were amazing, especially for letting us grab a load of bottles of water and some treats for our incredibly long journey to Tampa for #WCTPA, that was incredibly awesome of them.

I’ve gotta go through my Narrative Clip, I’ll probably have a bunch more photos to go up.

I intended to stick this online days ago, but the road trip from Vegas to Tampa was long and often without a stable net connection. The long, dark stretches of road crossing through a dessert were extremely relaxing, no traffic, I loved it! I’ll try and bore everyone another day with our road trip. 😉

Anyway, WordCamp Tamp is in a few hours and I need sleep. Oh, and if you ever see me at a WordCamp, ask for a free membership to WPMUDEV if ya want one 😉

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