I’m Tim, Married to Helen and father of three incredibly beautiful princesses whom are also known as monkeys, rascals, pains in the posterior and the loves of my life who I’d move heaven and hell for! I’m also the head of sales and support over at Incsub, LLC for WPMU DEV.

Oh, and I’m an absolutely terrible and extremely inconsistent blogger, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Photos from Dallas - WPMU DEV On Tour

These are some random shots from my vast library of images I took whilst around Dallas and Fort Worth.

Some of these images were done on the iPhone 6+, a good bunch of them were also captured on my Narrative Clip, these are snapped automatically as I walk around. 🙂

We’re now in Vegas for the next leg of our mini US tour. So far it’s turning out great! 🙂

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