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WordCamp Dallas - Fort Worth - A few words and photos

Continuing the WPMU DEV on tour experience with WordCamp Dallas, which may I say came and went far too quickly, much like anything you enjoy in life. I really like Dallas, apart from the lack of public transport, that is! It means we have to Uber just about everywhere, including to the venue.

The people all seem pretty cool, and really friendly, that’s hugely different from my experience of New York but let’s not go there, for now. :-p

I started the day off well, that is until I climbed in the Uber car where I bust the leg of my shorts open. Totally not embarrassing at all, had to run back in and get changed. Let’s just forget about that and not share any photos.

One thing I noticed through the day was the amount of 10UP and CrowdFavorite guys at this WordCamp, nothing wrong with that, just saying.

I had a good chat with a number of people, this included Corey from iThemes. Would have enjoyed a little longer, I love his articles where he talks about his emotional state and life experience. I feel they resonate with a lot of people and being someone who manages a large team, this is important to me not only for myself but those who work for me. I’ll stalk (in a non-weird and totally friendly way) in Philidelphia for WordCamp US.

The talks, I always personally find the tech ones more interesting, as such I joined Pete Nelson’s talk on “Extending the WP REST API” and Doug Stewart’s “Tales from the Command Line”. Those are the two I most enjoyed throughout the day, well presented too.

Some photos I took


I missed a jobs board, I’ve seen this at other WordCamps and found them a great way to meet new people and potentially new employees. Perhaps there was one somewhere, I didn’t see it though.

Contributor Day, I didn’t see this, did I miss it?

I really enjoy contributor day, being thrown on a random table with folk you’ve not chatted with before, it’s a great way to not only socialise but also give back to WordPress.

That’s it, the rest was awesome, the people were awesome, the talks I listened to were awesome.

Some photos my Narrative Clip took.

Narrative Clip is a cool little device that just randomly takes photos, it’s great for catching candid shots and also means I don’t have to keep whipping my phone out to take shots. 🙂

WordCamp Las Vegas next week. Until then I’ll enjoy a little more time around Dallas and then fly to Vegas on Wednesday. Anyone in the area that fancies meeting up, just let me know. Using Twitter DM works well for me. 🙂

Well, I’m going to get those Jetpack playing cards out and have some playtime. See y’all later 🙂

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