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HMRC - Talking down to the little people

Received a letter from the HMRC regarding some unpaid tax, that in itself is absolutely fine, if I owe tax it should be paid and it now is. I was waiting for their letter with my reference, perhaps I should have chased them up and made more effort to ensure this was paid by the deadline but I didn’t and this was the first letter I’d received from them. My rant is about their wording, I felt like a fucking child all because I’d slightly missed their deadline!

To be clear, this tax debt is now paid, and every year I’ve paid my taxes. I wonder if they send letters like this Starbucks, Google or similar companies who essentially dictate their own corporation tax. It just feels a little childish to me, not what I’d expect from employees of the British tax payer.

HMRC Letter

The great majority of business owners who trade in your sector pay their tax on time. Most people with a debt like yours have paid it by now.

Well, whoopsie-fucking-do! I’m sorry I’m not some major corporation that can set their own tax rates, I’m just one guy trying to support his family and working shit loads of hours and because of that the payment was overlooked. Couldn’t the letter just tell me it’s late, it’s due, interest is being added and that’s it?

What’s the need for the childish tone, we’re all adults here!

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