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Oh, and I’m an absolutely terrible and extremely inconsistent blogger, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

I can’t believe how much Tesco has turned around in the last few years. I’ll start the story with why we stopped shopping there…

As a family, we use to at Tesco’s all the time, but when my mother fell ill in Spain I had to fly over and it’s then when I had problems. Before I left the country I had contacted Tesco Mobile directly, informed them what was happening and asked if there were any restrictions on my account because it’s important I had use of my phone, my wife had given birth to our first child just days before (Christmas 2011).

Erin - Born 2011

Within a couple of days of being on Spanish soil they’d restricted my phone and so I called them to be informed there was a £4o or £45 limit (I forget exactly, this was over 4 years ago) whilst abroad. Had they informed me of this prior when I called to ask about restrictions, I could have given them some kind of advanced payment. I’d taken cash with me, my mobile, my computer so that I could work but no way to stick a couple of hundred quid on the phone bill to see me through, I asked if they’d speak with my wife so she could give payment but was told she isn’t the bill payer so they wouldn’t. They were unwilling to help me whilst in a difficult spot, I told them I’d never shop with them again, I’d go social, they didn’t care about my position despite my long-term loyalty.

Time went on, we shopped with Morrisons or Asda now, never Tesco’s. Then it came time to renew our car insurance in 2015 and lo and behold Tesco came in the cheapest, I was reluctant to use them but it was a substantial saving and so we risked it with them. All was good, we decided to give their credit card a go, mainly because I wanted the free meerkat toy (Compare the Market) and would hardly ever use the card itself. We accrue club card points when spending with the credit card and had earnt a few, when they arrived I went to our local Tesco to spend. They offer a Boost to double up your cash when spent in certain parts of the shop, I visited customer service with Erin (my eldest daughter) but then couldn’t find the coupons… The fella behind the counter was awesome, kept Erin entertained whilst I was on the phone with Helen trying to figure out if I’d left them there or in the car but they were nowhere. Oh well, my fault, nothing I can do now and this is where they blew me out of the water the first time, the fella gave me a free £10 gift voucher which was the value I’d lost. How awesome is that!

I was surprised, this was a side to Tesco’s I was not accustomed too!

We started doing a little more shopping there in the coming months, it was no longer on our shitlist of companies not to use. We tend to buy few meats from supermarkets these days, most we get from a local pig farm that runs their own shop. That said, from time to time we still do because Mare Grange Farm Shop doesn’t open Sunday to Wednesday.

All caught up, thank goodness…

On Monday we were at Tesco’s, we mainly wanted some of their cooked produce for a quick meal as we’d not eaten our lunch yet. I also decided to buy some of their ribs from the butcher’s counter so I could slow smoke BBQ them the next day, I do enjoy their ribs, always really meaty. Two of our kids were in their cars, one was in the basket:

Shopping trolly with kids car

Shopping paid and ribs placed on the roof of the wife’s trolly car, off we go. As we exited we went to the car, you can see the front door of the shop from the car, 20ft away or something. No ribs, all gone, but where…

I ran back in looking around, Helen insistent I had them in my cart. I asked the cashier, not there, customer service, not there, and then security who checked the CCTV. As we exited the shop they fell off the roof of Helen’s car, she didn’t notice and carried on, just moments later the women behind us picked the meat up, stuck it in her trolly and you can see her walking off with a smirk on her face. Had I ran back seconds earlier I’d have seen the women pick them up, I could have collared her!

I asked if there was anything Tesco could do, I was thinking more like number plates because it’s not finders keepers, losers weepers and even if she had not seen us she could have handed it into customer service, but now, she made away with around £8 of meat. I tweeted about my annoyance at this women

It’s partly our fault, we are to blame for not keeping a closer eye despite it being just seconds and I figure that perhaps her not calling us back and not handing it to customer services means that maybe she needed it more, if that’s the case, fine, I get it because we all need to eat and we do well enough to take the loss. I hope she enjoyed them.

Tesco responded they suggested I let the police know.

I figured that would be a waste of both the police and our time, they’re not doughnuts, right!

The end result was them offering my a replacement pack, I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t expecting this but yet again their customer service blew me out of the water, I simply expected to just have to deal with it because let’s face it, it wasn’t Tesco’s fault.

Wait, there is more, whilst in the shop picking up my replacement pack of ribs not only did they give me more than I had originally, the lady at customer service asked me to hold on and then gave me a £5 gift voucher. She said she should have sorted this the day before when I asked her if there was anything else which could be done, she continued by saying this would help cover my petrol. I’m amazed, this is customer service at its best.

Something I always say to my team, it’s not always the value that matters, it’s the gesture, the extra mile or two, it’s about making a connection and trying to make everything right even if it’s not your fault.

Tesco has really changed things around, they’re more customer centric and that’s really important to keeping a company loved, profitable and growing. Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves is a phrase that comes to mind and place a slight spin on it, look after your customer and your customers will look after you.

Homemade rib rub
The rub has Cumin, pure cocoa, cinnamon, white pepper and black pepper with a little bit of sugar.

Homemade BBQ sauce
The sauce has fresh Oregano, curry plant and some sage all from my herb garden. Some cherry tomatoes, cayenne pepper, red wine vinegar and a little sugar.

My herb garden

On the Smoker and ready to go.

Ribs ready to smoke

These badboys tasted so nice!

Slow smoked pork ribs

Thank you Tesco!

That is all! 🙂

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