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Tour De Yorkshire - Breaking the law

Apparently all you need is cyclists on the road and a name like Tour De Yorkshire to allow the police to break the law. I’m not talking about the speeding round corners whilst close to spectators, I’m talking about driving and carrying passengers without seatbelts on, and letting the passenger hang out the window. If this had been me doing this I’d have been pulled and probably slapped the full arm of the law.

Here’s a close up:

Hanging out of the coppers window

I even tweeted the South Yorkshire Police, they didn’t respond, though.

I guess they don’t take #RoadSafety seriously and it’s perfectly fine for me to start doing this too. :-/

The kids were bored waiting too.

Kid's bored waiting for the Tour De Yorkshire bikes to arrive

I don’t mind this kind of behaviour, but it’s the fact I know if the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn’t be so forgiving. First-hand experience of a nasty copper a few years ago makes me nervous of most of them now, dealing with his superior was even worse, all because of a bodge up an insurance company made, thankfully the courts were on my side due to me being a law abiding citizen. Left a sour taste for the police in my mouth.

Anyway, apart from that I did rather enjoy seeing the Tour De Yorkshire come through, here are some more photos.

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