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Conflicts on home turf...

Whilst at the airport making my way to the train station we had to get in a lift, two ladies were speaking German, one then looked to a third lady with a young child and in a harsh tone asked “you have a problem with me not speaking English!?” To which the third lady responded in German. I couldn’t tell what they were saying but I asked the lady with kid and she she explained she was listening to the two saying something like “I can’t believe these types of people”.

As I walked off I turned to see one place hands on the lady with a child, not on, not acceptable at all, I walked back to offer assistance. Thankfully it didn’t escalate further, it felt like it was going in that direction.

It kind of seemed to come out of nowhere, has this whole departure from the EU referendum stirred some kind of hatred to the British people, she clearly thought the third women was British, where can we expect this to lead?

Is this like a disease which is spreading or maybe in some people are simply happiest whilst being angry. It’s rather disconcerting that this happened, especially where a child was present. I see British people behalve like this too, it’s just messed up, let’s just enjoy the life we live people!

Maybe I’m just thinking about this too much, I did wonder how different people might be as I returned to a no longer United Kingdom after a busy but relaxing workcation.

Here are some photos from the Sky, I found them relaxing.

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