I’m Tim, Married to Helen and father of three incredibly beautiful princesses whom are also known as monkeys, rascals, pains in the posterior and the loves of my life who I’d move heaven and hell for! I’m also the head of sales and support over at Incsub, LLC for WPMU DEV.

Oh, and I’m an absolutely terrible and extremely inconsistent blogger, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Losing those work loves

Throughout all the many jobs I had in my life and meeting some awesome people along the way, the most pleasurable for me has to be WPMU DEV, I love working here, I love the challenges and most of all I love the team I’ve built. It’s an absolute honour to work with these people, they constantly push to be the best they can and ya know, that makes me proud.

We constantly hit high satisfaction levels, though it’s always hard to read the negative ones, especially those that hold truth. Anyway, this post isn’t intended to brag, it’s to discuss those work loves,and by that, I don’t mean some inappropriate love affair though I suppose the loyalty and bond which can come from it might be likened in some way I suppose. Some people you can grow really fond of, it makes it darn hard when they decide it’s time to move on, something new, pastures greener, it’s not you, it’s me and all that stuff.

In recent years I had the pleasure of working with a fella from Argentina, José is his name. This guy is a yes man, he made shit happen and that I admire. Never once let me down, and before he left he gave me a few words of inspiration which I’ll keep to myself but I will say it was a huge ego stroke.

Being a distributed team sounds fun, right?

Be your own person, work where you like, travel the world, sure, yeah, you can do all that but what about the isolation, the feeling of loneliness, it’s absolutely soul destroying but it’s your job, yes, you, it’s your job to reach out and communicate, make the effort.

So what’s my point… When you make these connections it’s important you nurture them, even if that person decides to move on. Create a network of people who are not just your staff, not just colleagues, but friends, someone who will lend you a sofa or is just there to shot the shit with from time to time. Someone who is happy to listen to the occasional moan or perhaps even give you some valuable perspective you missed, even if you only manage to chat every few months or so. I’ve made a good few friends like this from WPMU DEV, it’s been an awesome ride so far! 🙂

Goodluck José, I look forward to our paths crossing and wish you all the success you deserve, I know whatever you do will be awesome! I’ll miss working with you at WPMU DEV! 🙁

Some memories of when we met face to face. 🙂

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